Hi all,  thank you for visiting our online store!
A little bit about us!
We are a Canadian glass straw manufacturer, passionate about our product and helping the environment. I created StrawHopper with help from my Fiancé’s manufacturing awesomeness, my love for everything GLASS and our beautiful mother earth 🌍.
It was important for me to create something that would be easily accessible to anyone in the world, each person working towards making a change.  Strawhopper made its’ first glass straw in 2015 in Ontario, Canada and in 2018 we launched the website and brand StrawHopper.
The name Hopper came from “HARE” my family name :D.  We offer the only glass straw made from recycled glass and are ecstatic to be a partner with 1% for the planet. Our straws are free of toxic chemicals, FDA approved, hypoallergenic, kid-friendly, dentist recommended and dishwasher safe!!
I hope you love StrawHopper straws and our zero waste shipping too!!!  I look forward to making a difference in the world with you!
Creator of StrawHopper glass straws.
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