What kind of environmental impact are you going to leave on our planet!?

I enjoy learning about circular design practices and applied that knowledge to help develop our reusable and recyclable glass straws.

What is Circular Design? 

Circular design thinking allowed us to explore new ways to create a sustainable, resilient, long-lasting product from raw materials that won’t eventually end up in a landfill. It’s something that can be recycled or up-cycled – its' life never ends.

Glass lasts which is great if it can be recycled, is not its just using up important resources and energy!! Borosilicate glass doesn’t biodegrade, or breakdown.  You have to turn it in to something else to not waste it!

We are the only glass straw manufacturer who has solved the problem!

We partner with a company that crushes all our scrap glass and reuses it in the aggregate industries and other glass manufacturing applications! So nothing goes to waste!

A wonderful way to use circular design when making a product!

Choose to use a reusable, safe, recyclable glass straw!

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